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Body and Waving Hand, 19.5 Weeks

Body and Waving Hand, 19.5 Weeks, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

We had our 20 week ultra sound at 19.5 weeks. The baby is growing and healthy. It seems to be a good size, according to both the scan technician and the midwife. We were able to see how each part of the baby’s body was measured, its healthy beating heart, its growing brain, its tiny feet tucked up against its body. Its hand resting on its chin. The scan was much clearer in person, but we were able to get a few photos, posted on flickr. There is a considerable size difference from the first scan of course!

The baby was lying on its stomach during the scan and when the technician asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, we declined. We are happy for the surprise that will come with the baby’s birth at the end of April.

Earlier this week I met again with the midwife. I have three midwives that will see me throughout my pregnancy and one of them will be with me during the birth, although we won’t know which until that time. I met the second one and she was very nice. Unfortunately, the appointments with the midwife are during the day so Ali was unable to attend. But she went over my blood tests which were all normal and healthy. She then had me lie down and put an apparatus on my belly so that we could hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was loud and fast and the sound filled the room. Life is beautiful. The baby didn’t seem to like the pushing against it with the wand like thing that allowed us to hear the heartbeat, so it kicked it and moved away. Feeling the baby react so strongly to the outside world was another amazing moment for me.

Already in the sixth month, I head happily through the rest of my second trimester and look forward to growing along with baby.