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Bigger Mamma

Big Mamma, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Nearly 22 weeks and half way through pregnancy. It’s pretty amazing to believe how fast it has gone.

I’ve been on hiatus since completing my course and finishing up at school for the term. Taking a much needed break from the computer, but hoping to get back on top of things during my long holiday break. Ali took this photo of me yesterday while we were visiting The British Library to see the Terracotta Soldiers. I just purchased the jacket, as it’s been quite cold here and all my other jackets have long ago stopped fitting properly, failing to button or zip. Although it’s exciting to see the baby grow in my belly, it’s also a new experience to see how big I appear in photos. It’s a slow transition, but still one I get used to.

The baby has been kicking so much the past few weeks and Ali was finally able to feel it with our bellies against each other a couple weeks ago. That was an exciting moment for both of us. I had felt the little butterflies weeks before, but it’s not until it is actually moving around and kicking that it feels amazingly real. It doesn’t take much imagining now that the baby is living and growing inside me and the movements and kicks seem to further our bonding with one another, baby and I. My favourite time to speak to the baby is when I’m in the bath, but I also make sure not to have the water too hot. It seems we are both ‘at home’ in the water. Which makes sense for me that I plan to have a water birth, if all goes smooth and uncomplicated.

I am feeling good. I read in a book yesterday that the baby will double in size in the next few weeks, that’s amazing to think it will grow so fast. My belly has been itching and we rub special lotion all over it twice a day to ward of stretch marks or at least sooth the itching. I was still having some morning sickness a couple times a week up until two weeks ago, I think this was more due to stress with finishing up my online course, research paper and reports. I’ve been fine since and seem to be catching up on just relaxing. I noticed the difference in energy levels from the first to second trimesters and I have been thankful for that. Spending a day out can still be exhausting but it’s attainable. I feel blessed for my health.

Although there are changes within my body, of course, I think the most challenging has been the emotional ups and downs. Sometimes I feel sad and alone and wish I could just have my mom take care of me. Of course, Ali does his best taking care of me, but sometimes I just want the wisdom of another woman who has experienced all of this and that is when I long for my mother. It’s also difficult that we can’t travel to Michigan for Christmas. I always long for my family at the holidays and of course we have our own little growing family here, but the holidays were always a time spent with family as I was growing up.


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    All the best,
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