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Catching Up

I’ve been doing a lot of this over my three week holiday from school. Sleeping in. Writing emails. Making phone calls. Working on past photo projects, well ongoing projects really. Ever since the last day of term, I have been free to do as I pleased with my time and it has been fabulous. I will head back to school on the 7th feeling well rested and ready for Term 2, my final term of the school year. I finished up the last term successfully, completing reports and other planning projects. I completed my online course for my Masters of International Education with an A- in the course. Very proud of myself, considering all that I took on over the duration of the term. This next term I will take a break from course work, with a goal to return next Autumn for another online course (four more to go!). I will instead focus on my final term at school, giving it all I’ve got, as well as enjoying my pregnancy and preparing for motherhood. These are big jobs too.

I’ve been thinking a lot with this extra time on my hands. We’ve also visited a couple museums and watched plenty of movies. I’ll be posting photos and links for recently added albums to flickr, even though it may take me a while to catch up to the present since there are so many! But this is what I do and I enjoy it.

I’ve also been enjoying feeling the baby move around and kick like crazy the past few weeks. My belly grows steadily and from what I have been reading the baby should be a foot long now, weighing one pound. I have another midwife visit in a few weeks time and I imagine they will come more frequently as I get closer to the due date. Feeling the baby move is my favourite thing so far, but how could it not be? It’s amazing to feel it interact with the outside world if we are rubbing my belly or talking to it as well. I lie in bed just before sleeping or when waking up and it seems to be doing somersaults inside me. I imagine it swimming around while it still has the room. I love it.

I still have the raging hormones that everyone quietly mentions when referring to pregnant women. (“They’re crazy!”) I cry easily, but that also means I laugh easily too. This week I’ve been more thoughtful, contemplating what this new life brings and our future ahead. Of course I worry, although I try to worry less. I do this by putting my energy into a project, which is something I’ve always done and it provides me peace of mind. I’m happy. I’m happy I have time to work on having peace of mind.

Ali and I discussed some goals for ourselves for the new year. Not New Year’s Resolutions, but realistic goals we feel we need to and can set together and for ourselves. We are working on them and some of them must be flexible as our future is unknown. We were talking the other night about that, the unknown future, and how it was this way when we met. And it was this way throughout other times during our relationship. It is us. We do not always know where we are going, but we are happy with that because we are doing it together. We have chosen a life style together that allows for and works through spontaneity.

So here’s to 2008. All that it brings we plan for and more.


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  1. K – I am sure your hormones are out of whack, but it seems more noticeable to you, I think. My friend cried because she couldn’t find a snorkel that hadn’t been breathed in by a stranger and she didn’t know which one she had breathed in last, if that puts anything in perspective for you. One day at a time, my friend!


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