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Baby Bump: 25 Weeks

Baby Bump: 25 Weeks, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

It’s been an exciting week for baby bump and me. It has been moving around a lot, but because it’s getting bigger, the space for moving is smaller, so I feel it more and sometimes it’s quite a kick. I absolutely LOVE it. I never realised how cool it would be to feel a growing baby kick around and stretch inside of me. It makes me so happy and I especially enjoy the moments Ali can share in the kicks too, either belly against belly or hands on belly. It has also been moving up a bit more this week, whereas before it was hanging pretty low in my abdomen, just above my pelvic area. It still enjoys a kick about against my bladder at times, but I don’t even mind anymore. So far, this is the best part about being pregnant.

The Pregnancy flickr set keeps growing a little bit at a time, just like us. My students notice my belly and say “Wow, your belly is bigger today.” And I respond with, “It’s not the belly that’s growing, it’s the baby inside. My belly just stretches around it.” They look at me incredulously. One boy from another class responded, “I didn’t know you were having a baby.” I asked if he thought I just ate a lot over the holidays. He said, “I don’t know, I don’t look at your tummy.” And another replied, “I think you just sit on the couch and eat chocolate all day. Ha! HA!” Studies show pregnant women who eat small amounts of chocolate regularly have smiling, happy babies. That’s a study you want to listen to!


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  1. You look wonderful! I looked like a blimp 🙂 and still do…. I’m glad everything is going well. I’m sure you and Ali can’t wait.


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