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Data Transfer and Blogroll Updates

For the past couple of weekends, I have been working on transferring my blog over to a new domain, I’m now here. This has taken up time which would otherwise be spent emailing, working on photos, or writing a blog post. My hosting account expires in a couple of weeks and it’s possible I will still keep my current domain name of and just have it divert to the new blog address. As of this morning, the site is diverting you to the current location of I will let you know by the end of the month whether you need to permanently change your bookmarks to this site as well or if it will continue to be automatically diverted.

Thanks for stopping by. I have this week off work, so will hopefully have it organised by the end of the week as well as some photos posted from our trip to Cornwall in October. The blog won’t look much different, although I have updated all of the links in my blogroll, which was time consuming, but worth it.

As for a brief pregnancy update, I’ve just started my 29th week — now into the third trimester!– and battling a slight cough/cold, but feeling well otherwise. I will post more photos to flickr this week as well, my computer is just a bit overloaded at the moment. Ali has figured out how to take black and white photos on my camera and so we’ve been dabbling a bit in trying that out as well.

Hope all is well wherever you are!