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Smurfs Comeback!

I was listening to npr yesterday afternoon and I heard a delightful story: Smurfs Live On.

I was a huge fan of the Smurfs growing up and I still have a stuffed Smurfette among my box of old toys stored at my mom’s. I was very excited to hear that not only is there a DVD of the original series coming out next year, but the creator, a Hungarian comic writer, has given the Smurfs a makeover. He addresses the simplicity of the show and the characters, especially in a time where children are surrounded by so much technology. He also discusses the issue of the boy to girl smurfs ratio, as well as the ‘role’ of the girl smurfs and the changes that will be taking place in the new show. There is even a 3-D film in the works!

It’s a five minute story so have a listen, if you were a fan, it’s worth it!