Rubbish at Emails

It’s been very challenging for both of us to keep in touch with everyone this year, and I have been especially rubbish at emails. Being in the third trimester I am even more tired than I was in the first. My naps after work are twice as long and I’ve read that working eight hours is really like working ten for me since my body is carrying the weight of a baby, and I feel it. I still have school work I need to take home and since I never have the energy to take care of it during the week, I try to balance the weekend with work and play and it’s still not always possible. There are things I have to get done and I need to get done and correspondence with others has really shifted to the back burner. Sigh. Happy Birthday’s rarely come on time, luckily one of my favourite Hoops and Yo Yo Hallmark cards are for belated birthdays. I just hope friends and family still enjoy the sentiments, albeit belated!

I think of friends a lot. I wish that I could just teleport my thoughts to them and we could do this back and forth so that we were still communicating while able to juggle all the things our individual busy lives provide us with. But alas, that is not possible. The least I would like to try to do is write more so that I can somehow communicate with others about our life here as well as keep noting my own thoughts and experiences during this time of change. Sometimes I just lie in bed and think of an entire post and then I get up and do something else or I drift off to sleep. This is life.

That’s all really. Just some rambles. I’m thinking of you. Really. I am.


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  1. Since I don’t know when else I could share this with you – I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am for you and Ali! Also – Josh and I will be sharing that thrill again in October! Baby #2 is on it’s way! It’s definitely a season for life! I think of you often and send warm thoughts and love to you, Ali and the unborn Sharp (whom the world can’t wait to meet!).Hugs to you… get rest… shana


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