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Baby in Belly

Baby in Belly, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Here we are at 35 weeks! Baby is moving slowly, stretching out its legs, kicking my ribs and hiccuping against my bladder. The midwife said my belly is all baby. It’s getting tight in there, but it’s still growing! We love the bump, but prefer to call it baby in belly, as a bump is just a bump and what we clearly have here is a baby growing fast! We’ve been practicing names, we have a few picked for both gender. As you know, they’re top secret! Name comes with birth announcement. We Sharps love surprises!

So, I’ve finally uploaded some more photos for our friends and family who have been curious about our growing family. Check out the Pregnancy flickr set for weeks 33-35.

I’m on Spring Holiday until April 7th. The Divozzos arrive in town tonight, and will be here ’til the 1st. Very excited about the arrival of our house guests and very good friends!

Well it’s time to make dinner. Hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday weekend. I plan to play catch up (as usual) with emails and such after the Divozzos leave town in my second week off. I will be returning to work to help the new teacher transition into my class. I am planning to work right up until my due date, April 25th (due date is on the 27th). My mom arrives on the 24th, so we are holding our for her arrival!


3 thoughts on “Baby in Belly”

  1. You look amazing, girl! I’m so excited for you guys! Also – have a wonderful time with the DiVozzo’s! I will cross my fingers that the baby waits for your mom (I know how important that is!!) – but anyway – sending warm wishes your way and cannot WAIT to hear baby names!!! Secretive stinker! Only a few more weeks!! Keep posting pics – it’s so awesome to watch the baby grow!


  2. You look wonderful. Pregnancy really suits you. You really are all belly! I can’t wait to find out what the baby is and the name you choose. Enjoy the last month 🙂


  3. Wow, Kara! I can’t wait to find out the sex OR the name, either! 🙂 1 more month, 1 more month! 🙂


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