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The Business of Being Born

I first read about the documentary, The Business of Being Born in Mothering Magazine (thanks Mandy). The article detailed films showing in a film festival about natural births, breastfeeding, and other related topics. I used the films and websites listed as an opportunity to do some research in preparation for creating our own birth plan.

While visiting the website for The Business of Being Born, I cried throughout the trailer. I noticed there was a screening for the film in London mid-April. Perfect. I booked tickets for Ali and I. When the Divozzos arrived, they also brought The Business of Being Born. I just watched it and cried through most of it. I recommend it to anyone having a baby, having had a baby, or planning to have a baby. Although it is focussed on birth practices in the US, it’s still very relevant for all women and their partners. I was appalled by the medicalization and intervention in births in the states, as well as the unnecessary high rate of c-sections. I was awed by the home and natural births presented in the film as well as the midwives who helped these women deliver their babies.

Director Abby Epstein’s controversial documentary takes a hard look at America’s maternity care system, juxtaposing hospital deliveries against the growing popularity of at-home, natural childbirths that many expectant parents are now opting for. Former talk show host Ricki Lake was inspired to produce this compelling expose after a dissatisfying birthing experience with her first child left her with many unanswered questions. (Netflix DVD cover).

For the rest, rent it on Netflix. Or, if you are in London and would like to see it, contact me because I now have two tickets to a screening to sell! I’ll watch it again with Ali, as he’s at work right now, but I don’t think it will be necessary for us to attend the screening after that.


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  1. I’ve just added it to the top of my netflix que. It should be very interesting to watch having had both a natural birth as well as an induction…. I chose to be induced because my chances of having a baby in the car on the way to the hospital were extremely high. As it turned out with the way my body reacts to labor and dialtion, I probably would have had Lucy in the middle of the grocery store, or in the car on the side of the highway!!!


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