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Life Moves Forward

Wow. I took a look at the calendar and it seems the month of April has crept up on me. The Divozzos left yesterday after a week filled with excellent conversation, laughter and lots of walking! I’ve been having some Braxton Hicks (we call them BH) contractions, although they have slowed down since I have slowed down as well. I had my 36 week antenatal appointment yesterday and according to the midwife, the baby’s head is engaged. She said that it could be two weeks now for the baby to come, depending when it became engaged. I think it was Monday night. I felt a lot of movement down there and then when I looked in the mirror before bed, it seemed the belly had dropped a bit. I don’t understand how this baby has any more room to move around, but it does! We are really hoping it will continue to roost and grow, as my mom arrives on the 24th and we really want her to be here for the birth. Of course, it’s not up to us, so I will do my best at putting my feet up when I can.

It’s hard to believe I have to go back to work on Monday! I love my job, but as we all know the commute is horrid, so I’m not looking forward to that. It will be strange as well to be working alongside the new teacher, but I think the transition will be smooth and it’s necessary. I have some paperwork to do at home this week as well. I’ve been looking through more baby catalogues as we are still gathering necessary bits for the arrival. I have my hospital/labour bag nearly all packed, just a few bits and bobs to add to it. My goal is to have it all set this weekend, just so I don’t have to think about it. The crib was delivered last week, but we are waiting to put it together until the room is painted.

Ahh, painting the room. We, the Sharps, in our glorious and adventurous life are in for another one. Our lease is up at the end of May. We thought it was end of June, but alas, it was not. Our baby may not even be a month old by then, depending on when it’s born! We’ve asked for an extension to stay through the summer, but our landlords are ‘thinking about it.’ We need to have the living room painted since we hung a few things on the walls and want to have the bedroom painted as well since it is filthy and last year the landlords refused to paint it. The filth comes from all the dust which comes in off the street through the window, which even though it is closed most of the time, the dust still accumulates. Not exactly excited about our newborn sleeping there, but this is city living! We have been waiting for weeks to hear from the builder that the landlord sent over to get a quote about painting both rooms so we can decide whether Ali will do it himself or if it will be reasonable (financially) enough for the builder to do. But our baby is due in four weeks, we can’t really wait much longer to get it done!

So. It’s a long story with the landlords, but we may have to move at the end of May and we have no where to go!!! We are still waiting to hear about Ali’s posting with Reuters, both the where and the when. So don’t ask. As soon as we know, we will sigh a breath of relief just for the knowing. And then take another deep breath for the planning of it all. Yes, we Sharps, love to live a life of spontaneity! I try not to stress or worry and Ali has done a great job at taking everything on board and doing his best to get everything sorted. Everything that he can do without knowing what we can do. I think back to every time I have finished up a job and gotten ready to move. Saipan. Thailand. Israel. Switzerland. With the exception of leaving Switzerland, each one before I had no idea where I was going or what my job would be when I left or until the week I was leaving. And. It all worked out. So I trust. I have faith. And I let go. As my mom would say, “Let go, let God.’ It’s pretty tough sometimes, but some things are just beyond our reach.

As always, life moves forward. Even when we aren’t sure of the direction.