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Breathe a Sigh of Relief

We had a bit of a stressful evening last night in regards to our housing situation. We thought all was lost but today the tables have turned. Our landlords have decided to allow us an additional month on our lease at our current rental rate, taking us to the end of June. This is a blessing. It came after an offer to extend for 4 months with a rental increase of nearly 25% per week, which both not being possible would have out us in the ‘out on the street’ category quickly. I digress. As of today, paperwork has to be sorted, but a verbal agreement has been made in which we will get the paint this weekend and organise to have the builder paint the two rooms or take care of it ourselves, as soon as possible. This will be followed by the paperwork for our lease extension, which will give us TIME. Which is what we need. Thank God.

The sun is shining. The air is on its way to being warm and I am sitting at the computer –in the sunshine– catching up on emails and staring at my beautiful pink tulips which Ali brought home for me after work last night. We be alright.


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  1. Thank God! A sigh of relief is right! I am very glad to hear that they were reasonable and that you, Ali and baby Sharp will not have so much pressure to leave so immediately… I always find it amazing how in the face of the ultimate stress, a window is opened and a small breeze of fresh air refreshes us…


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