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License to Ill

Last week I was in bed sick with fever, cough and a blocked nose. We had to go to the hospital to make sure baby wasn’t getting too hot in there. Thankfully, baby was moving around just fine. On Sunday I got out of bed for the first time since the previous Monday night and a couple days later I was back at school for half the day. It was an extremely tough week; it’s amazing how we take breathing through our nose for granted and the ability to cough without pain as an option. As of now, I am mostly recovered, with the exception of very sore ribs from all the coughing. I just keep praying the pain will subside before baby arrives as I imagine pushing through labour and it hurting quite a lot. Understatement. I was at a pretty low point last week, unable to see the end in sight — you know how you feel like you will never feel better again? Ever? Dramatic, I know, but so true. And then the breathe finds a way through each nasal passage, the fever subsides, and the cough begins to dwindle with the slight throbbing in the ribs lingering behind. The sickness abates and I feel it’s possible to go through labour naturally again.

*For those of you who have been or are pregnant, you know you can’t take ANYTHING for colds and flu. It is important to take something to get your fever down, but that’s it. Ali graciously got me ‘Ocean Mist’ nasal spray, but that natural water up my nose wasn’t clearing anything out like a chemically riddled concoction…And how about having to lay only on your left side to sleep and your ribs being in so much pain that any movement feels like something is broken? I digress. But, thankfully, all is well now.


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