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Yep, due date has come and gone — April 27th. Baby Sharp is gearing up to get on out, but is taking its time. I’m feeling good. After yoga yesterday, my ribs finally stopped hurting from the previous cough and cold dilema. So my body is feeling strong and ready for labour to begin. The yoga session also reminded me of partner techniques for labour and breathing.  All the clothes, bedding and nappies are washed and ready to go. We are feeling ready and excited for the baby’s arrival. Now we wait. Forty weeks plus three days. Oh yeah.


4 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. My sister gave birth at the beginning of March and was a couple of weeks late. She was quite uncomfortable (to say the least!) but when baby Jacob arrived he was certainly well worth the wait!

    I think she was close to being induced so I’m glad Jacob decided to get his skates on when he did!

    I wish you all the best.


  2. Kara, Ali, and Kathy,

    We are sending love to you all and wishes for a peaceful, joyous delivery! We’re so glad to hear that Kathy made it safely and in time!! Strength be with you Kara!

    All of our love, Jennifer and Haukur


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