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All Cuddled Up

All Cuddled Up, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Dear Sebastian,

I love how you yawn; the little squeal that you make as you stretch your mouth as wide as it will go and squint your eyes to let us know you are sleepy. I love how your lips curl up in a smile as you fall asleep against my chest. And of course, I love watching you sleep.




4 thoughts on “All Cuddled Up”

  1. He’s really just a peach and a half… what a little angel. I’m so glad he’s safe, doing well and home with his super amazing parents… Keep on posting those pics – we all love to “ooooh” and “awwww” at him!


  2. What a doll! That little rosebud mouth is just precious. Can’t wait for a little man of my own! love, Jen


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