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Happy Birthday Josh

Josh would have been 27 today.

My mom shared a heart warming story with me this past weekend. She and Jerry have property in Northern Michigan where they are building a cabin which they will eventually move up to live in permanently. It’s several acres in a very wooded area, not a lot of other folks around. There is a road leading to their property that essentially not many other people use, called Tower Road. Recently they had to go to the township in the area to take care of some paperwork for building permits. They asked whether they could rename the road since they are the only ones who really use it. Later that week my mom received a call to confirm that yes, they could change the name of the road. They chose Bucky Moose Trail. The significance behind that name is that they are the nicknames of both my mom’s son, Joshua Buck Riley (aka Bucky) and Jerry’s son, Wayne (aka Moose). Their previous address for the property had been 5300 Tower Road. With the new name of the road, they were given a new address, 2700 Bucky Moose Trail. The significance behind that is that this year Josh would have been 27.

I’m thinking of my mom today as she goes through the day remembering her birth story with Josh as well as the life we shared with him while he was here. Everything changes when you become a parent. You understand a whole lot more, or at least begin to have insight into things you never could imagine before.  I miss Josh as a sister misses a brother. I can only begin to imagine missing him as a mother would miss her child from my brief time being a mother now with Sebastian.


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  1. While laying in bed last night trying to go to sleep I remembered that the 9th was an important day for you, and couldn’t remember if it was Josh’s birthday or the “other” anniversary… Happy Birthday Josh 🙂


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