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Nearly No Time for Updates

Lots going on in the Sharp household. Even that is new. We moved to South London this weekend, as our lease was up on our flat at the end of June. We are living in a nice flat in a green area with our friend Mark whom we first met and lived with upon first arriving in London three years ago. It’s an interesting change from where we were in East London and I definitely miss our old neighbourhood, but the flat is really nice and the sunshine streaming through the windows on the second floor has been wonderful the past few days. We will be here until the end of August, when we are moving to…

…Cairo, Egypt! Ali finally found out from Reuters that his posting is in Cairo. We will be living there for one year. I will not be working, but taking care of Sebastian, which is my new full time job. How do I feel about the move? I’m happy to finally know where we are going, as we have been waiting for the past couple of months to find out. Cairo is a large, busy and polluted city. We visited while we were living in Nazareth. I don’t really know how I feel about it, as I feel like I am so focussed on the now, that the future seems like something we will get to and I will experience it then. Besides, it’s just for a year, so why not? We are looking forward to visitors!

Sebastian is nearly two months, just now eight weeks old. He is doing well. His wind (gas) in his tummy is getting much better and he seems to be burping without our help sometimes. He still has acid reflux, but the medicines he is taking are helping to keep him a bit more comfortable. Yesterday we went to his first music festival at Hyde Park and listened to Mason Jennings, G Love and Special Sauce, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. We did a lot of dancing in the sunshine, but he was asleep by the time Jack Johnson came on, so we left a bit early. Our favourite was Ben Haper, what a talented man.

Yesterday was also the twelfth anniversary of Josh’s death, and as Ali had purchased our concert tickets for me for Christmas, I had an opportunity to look forward to the day for a happy occasion as well as a day of remembrance. When I lived on Saipan I bought a journal created by a mother and daughter who had lost their son/brother, Dan Eldon. The journal was a place to record thoughts and feelings but it was also a place with advice about dealing with a death of a loved one. The advice that stuck with me the most was to do something special on anniversaries like his birthday and the day he died. It’s difficult to explain, but by doing this the day becomes more peaceful and much easier to get through. Yesterday, I felt happy, at peace, and loved.

I’m still pretty tired, but the schedule we have gotten into seems to work for us. I usually nap with Sebastian in the afternoon, which gives me more energy for the night feeds. We look forward to the weekends, when Ali is around to take care of us. Family fun. We love it. I still don’t have much time for emails or phone calls, but I am trying to catch up little by little. Thanks to everyone for the emails and comments of support, especially after my recent post about breast feeding. I know I haven’t had time to thank you individually, but it means so much to have that support from afar.


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  1. Cairo is one of my favorite cities in the world. It’s all the things you said it was but it has an incredible vibrancy.

    I remember thinking at the time that I could live there so I’m a little bit jealous.

    Also glad to hear you’re both doing well.


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