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My Little Star

Soother, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

I love this picture because I love the way Sebastian is looking at me through the camera. He loves to have his picture taken. He’s also very serious most of the time while checking out the world around him.

As for the soother. Some books say don’t introduce it to your child until after the first month so he doesn’t have nipple confusion with breast feeding, which is not a problem for us (see ‘Breast is Best’ post). Other books say only allow your child to have the soother until month three. Sebastian is two months old now and he only has the soother before eating time for about fifteen to twenty minutes. He’s not interested in it unless he’s also interested in eating. I never planned to use one, but as I’ve been learning, you can’t plan much when having a baby. I was excited when he wanted this one because he rejected others from birth: the hospital was really keen to get him to take one to build his sucking reflex. I’m happy to do this and also to help him slow down with his eating, so as not to upset his tummy. He eats really fast and having the soother before eating allows him to get into a rhythm before taking the bottle.

Due to complications at birth Sebastian has physio every couple of weeks and the occupational therapist said that the soother is a very good way to channel his emotions when he is upset since he tends to tense his arms and legs, tightening those muscles, which is not what we want him to do. It also allows him to hang out in his crib or in his swing with me nearby, rather than holding him, since he prefers to be held the rest of the time. It’s also a good time to do some exercises or read a book. I wish he was interested in the soother more so that he could have that calmness and soothing feeling that most babies achieve from breast feeding often.

That’s all about soothers. I just melt when I look into those baby blue eyes. Mmmmm. Mommy loves you Sebastian! So much.


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  1. Sure looks like a healthy little munchkin to me! He is absolutely prescious. Wish I could squeeze his little cheeks and shower him with kisses. One day I’m sure! Love you sugar!


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