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We’re Moving to Cairo and Other Bits and Bobs

Yep. That’s us. Relocating to Cairo. Ali’s job begins on September 1. We believe we will be moving sometime the week before. We haven’t gotten our flights sorted, as the company will take care of that as well as packing up our things for moving. That should be fairly easy for them since we packed everything up before leaving our beloved flat in Hackney. They will have to repack everything though, in order for it to be insured. Here’s hoping everything survives the move and I don’t have to remember that box of goodies from Bangkok I opened upon return to the states, only to find each piece broken in some way.

We’re just coming out of Ali’s week off work; it’s been a busy one. Sebastian and I love to have Ali home during the day, even though we spent a lot of time out and about. We also went on our first road trip with Sebastian to Little Gidding (where we got married). It took us all day to get things organised and to get there. I never realised how much stuff you need to take along for a baby. He wasn’t so keen on being in the car seat for the first time either, so that was a challenge. The weather was beautiful and I am working on getting the photos onto flickr. We also went to a nearby nature reserve with endangered animals being bred and rehabilitated. It was Sebastian’s first zoo experience which he slept through. It was too sunny and hot for the little guy. Later in the week we attended a wedding reception of Ali’s coworker, where Sebastian stole the show. We also made a couple trips out to Hackney for a follow up doctor’s appointment and physio. It’s always tough taking the bus past our old place, we sure did love being in that hood.

Ali has two more weeks of work and then a week off-site for Hostile Environment training. Sebastian and I will be on our own for a week. We were hoping we could go to the states for a few weeks, but we are still waiting on Sebastian’s passports. We’ve applied for the British one and have an appointment on the 13th for his US passport. So we are looking at the calendar to see how soon after moving to Cairo we can head to Michigan for a visit. So stay tuned.

Sebastian had his first smile with me on July 25th. It was such a blessing. Of course I cried, I was so happy. He has been smiling as he falls asleep since he was born, and no that wasn’t gas. We’ve seen a couple of those ‘gassy’ smiles too and of course the pursed smiles during a poo. He isn’t smiling all the time, but each time he does, it sure is special. He’s really getting into ‘tummy time’ with his dad as well. Lots of fun to be had at the Sharps household!

People keep asking if we are getting ready for our move. We are kind of in an interim at the moment. Most things are packed. We have to decide on a leaving date and then Reuters organises the rest. I’ve signed up for a couple Cairo mom groups and have been looking online at places to live. A good friend of mine has a brother who lives there with his wife and he has been providing plenty of advice. Just kind of living day to day here. I’m still working on finishing my letter to all the important people about my birthing experience so what happened to me doesn’t happen to someone else. That’s a tough one. I’m also looking into Dr. Sears alternative vaccination schedule after reading an article he wrote in Mothering magazine about the amount of Aluminum found in vaccinations and how too much can affect babies brains.

Lots of loose ends. Lots on my mind. Haven’t had much time to organise all my thoughts. So perhaps I will revisit some of these at a later time. That’s all for now. Want to get some more pictures posted.