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Month Three: Smile

seb smiles

seb smiles, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

For some time I’ve read Dooce’s blog and every month she writes a letter to her daughter about the milestones, etc. that they had experienced that month. She always includes gorgeous pictures and I thought what a wonderful thing to do, I want to do that when I have a child. Well, Sebastian turned 3 months old this week and I’ve been thinking about this all week. I haven’t written for month one and two, although I did write him letters in my journal nearly every day while he was in the hospital while I was in the ‘express’ room, expressing my breast milk for him.

I want to remember what a wonderful month we had with Sebastian and the most touching moment for me was when Sebastian first smiled on July 25th. As it was at 11 weeks, I was waiting for it every day. He was responding to some faces and sounds I was making and it melted my heart. I cried for sure I was so happy. In this photo Ali is above us snapping photos and I am below Sebastian while he is propped up in the rocking chair. Hmmm, I love his sparkling eyes. Hopefully I can get a photo with them looking into the camera and share one of those.

Now for my letter to Sebastian, I probably won’t post it until tomorrow…Tomorrow we are having a celebration with some friends at a nearby pub for his 3 month ‘birthday’ and to introduce him to some who haven’t met him yet as well as to start saying goodbyes since we are leaving at the end of the month.


3 thoughts on “Month Three: Smile”

  1. What a handsome little guy! The first smiles are so wonderful… The best sound in the world to me is hearing my 2 girls laugh at the same time. I feel like my heart could explode!!!
    I had every intention to write my girls letters too and wish I had taken the time to sit down and do it. I think Seb will enjoy that as he grows up and especially when he is an adult and can go back and read them 🙂


  2. Safe travels to all of you! Hope you get to Cairo in time to catch Obama’s historic speech. I wish you every blessing as you settle into life in Egypt. Thinking about you.


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