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Sebastian sleeps. I still like to watch him sleep. His precious face so calm and relaxed. We’ve been having lots of fun together and he’s smiling more and more which warms my heart every time.


Life has been utterly busy with getting things together to move to Cairo and last minute shopping trips to purchase things less available there. I’ve also purchased a shiny new Skype phone which can be used for landline and Skype calls, no PC needed. So, for those of you on Skype it will be easy for us to talk for free! And if you aren’t on it, sign up! I’m planning to get a Michigan phone number through skype as well so it will be a local call for you to call us if you are in the states. Stay tuned for that number.


The movers came today and packed up our belongings into two shipments, one for air and one for sea. I’ve packed all of our bags and the taxi will be here tomorrow morning at 10.30am to take us to Heathrow for a late afternoon flight. It’s just five hours to Cairo, so shouldn’t be too bad. Sebastian already had a test run with our flights to Switzerland last weekend. That’s a story for another time! He’s got his first stamps in his British passport and he’s a lucky little man to have an American passport too. Nearly four months old and already a world traveller.


We are staying in a very nice hotel in the centre of Cairo; we will be put up for the month which will give us time to find a place to live. We are planning to live in the expat laden area of Maadi, which is said to be a bit quieter and have some ‘greenish’ areas as well. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which I think is important for Sebastian’s health and my sanity. I want to be able to meet other moms in the area and it will be the first time in a couple of years living somewhere I don’t have the language, so want to ease into that. I’ve joined some online yahoo groups and have already felt welcomed into that community and plan to meet up with other women and moms in the area once we get settled.


A lot has been going on, thus the lack of writing. But we’ve also had a lot on our minds, and I’m not ready to write about it yet although the thoughts are always burning in my mind. Need to speak to some folks first. So if it’s a bit quiet on here for a little while, don’t fret, I’ll be back. With adventures and thoughts from Cairo. Just give me a little time and I’ll invite you back into our days again.


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  1. OMG I USED TO LIVE IN ENGLAND! not london tho, but i was in essex! and wow… you’re moving to cairo? we studied egypt in grade 5 last year (i’m goin into grade 6 on sept. 2nd) and it’s, like, the best time period i have ever studied! well apart from the Victorians and Tudors. but then again i only studied the Tudors for a bit caused then i moved from England to Canada. anyway…


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