Seb and Mama in front of the Nile

Well, here we are. Easing into the heat of Cairo on our eleventh floor balcony of our posh, 5 star hotel with views of the Nile. Sebastian is doing well with the heat and had his first ‘swim’ in the hotel pool this afternoon.

At the moment we are paying hourly for internet in our room, so I won’t be able to upload the photos of him in his cute little bathing suit until we get something more affordable sorted. But I wanted to share this one of us to remind you to come back to see more.

Even though I’m not much in the mood for writing personal stuff, I’m hoping to take some notes about our transition and move to Cairo as well as keep updated on posting photos.

We spent the day at the hotel and Sebastian took plenty of cat naps. I think the heat is making him sleepy. We are easing into things and tomorrow we venture out into the city!