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Heading to the Beach

Sigh. We are still waiting for our sea shipment. Paperwork and Ramadan slowed things and everything is still in customs where they will go through EVERY box. What is it that they are looking for? There are a few things which would make life more comfortable if we had it, the rest is for creating the home atmosphere we had at Northiam Street, because it has been since then we had our belongings surrounding us. We packed up everything at the end of May and haven’t seen it since! And we survive just fine. We’ve bought some kitchen stuff and made do with the things we have. Things are really a luxury because essentially we have everything we need right now, which is each other. But that said I still miss the luxury of wearing different clothes, choosing a book off the bookshelf to read while Sebastian sleeps, and using a frying pan to fry up some vegetables for dinner.

It’s possible the shipment might make its debut on Thursday. Alas, the timing is off as we are heading to Sharm El Sheikh for six days. Yep, that’s right. My long awaited holiday to the beach — it’s been since living in Thailand — awaits us at the end of Ali’s work week. Well, a bit earlier. He’s covering a conferece over the weekend and Sebastian and I get to tag along for some fun in the sun. We are going to be staying in a hotel right on the Red Sea.

The little man awakes.


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  1. Oh, Kara, what a joy to read these lovely stories. You have always been someone who could adapt to any situation. I will be keeping a good thought that the sea shipment comes soon and in good shape. Safe travels.


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