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Happy 27th Birthday Daddy

Happy 27th Birthday Daddy, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Mesmerized by the 27 candles waiting to be blown out.

I’m back tracking a bit. While we were in Michigan, I was able to catch up with some photo postings, so here is the first in the bunch.

Before we left for our three week holiday to London and Michigan on Friday, November 14th, we celebrated Ali’s birthday on Wednesday, November 12th. Sebastian and I spent two days getting everything organised. We celebrated with dinner in, ‘catered’ by a local Italian place; because I am a firm believer of giving the birthday boy any dinner he likes on his special day and he wanted lasagna. We also had mocha cheese cake and caramel ice cream. Sebastian made his dad a card, complete with painted foot prints and fist prints (we tried the hands but they closed up after the first layer of blue paint). Sebastian and I were lucky enough to find Ali a gift at the local stationary/book shop: a green library lamp that he had wanted since we were living in London.

It was a quiet event with our little happy family.


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