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The Sharp’s Adventures in Photos

I finally caught up with photos on flickr through Sebastian’s first adventures, not including Christmas shots. As always there are guest passes to view the full albums, leave a comment or send me an email if you need the link. I’ve also posted them on facebook.

Happy, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Most recently we went to the states to introduce Sebastian to his family there. He got so much love an attention, I think he was a bit confused upon returning to Cairo. We seem to know a lot more folks in Michigan! Sebastian experienced Thanksgiving, which was also my first stateside in eight years. On the way to Michigan, there was a stop in London, so you’ll see a few photos taken in East London. We spent some time in Holland, Mi. visiting college friends and introducing our kids to each other! We also celebrated my nephew Ethan’s 8th birthday and spent some time in the snow.

Sitting Tall in front of Eros
Prior to leaving London, we spent some time visiting tourists sights (Piccadilly, Mayfair, Pall Mall, Horse Guards Parade, Big Ben, Hamleys Toy Store, Abbey Road) and snapping photos of Sebastian and I in front of them.

Stadt Pose
Two weeks before leaving London, we took Sebastian on his first plane ride with Swiss Air to visit some of my old friends in Schaffhausen from my time teaching there. There’s a bit of a story with that adventure, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Some of the photos are public, but most are private with a guest pass only. Drop me a line and I’ll send the links on to you.

Happy holidays!


4 thoughts on “The Sharp’s Adventures in Photos”

  1. HI Kara-
    Would love to see more of your travel photos. Would you send me the link please 🙂 Sebastian is looking more grown up now! I want to squeeze those precious cheeks!!!


  2. Hi Kara,

    It was so great to see you and get to meet Sebastian when you were home! Please send me the link for the photos. I loved watching you grow up into the wonderful woman and mom that you are and I want to get to watch Sebastian grow up too, even if the majority of that will be through pictures and your blog. Miss you.


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