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25 Random Things About ME; stories included

All you Facebookers know about the latest Tag going around. I thought I would post mine here with links to stories from the past in case anyone is interested in the history behind the ‘Random Things.’ I’ve already tagged folks on facebook, so won’t be doing it to other fellow bloggers. Just enjoy. It was nice for me to take a waltz down memory lane too. Looks like I have a few more stories to write.

1. I believe in co-sleeping. (I’m still planning to write a post about this…)

2. I was a vegan for one year. Sounds like a great book title. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life.

3. I still want to write (and publish) children’s books.

4. I still haven’t finished my MA in International Teaching but I am learning every day how to take care of my son.

5. I’ve dyed my hair every colour, even Tulip Pink. ( I still haven’t written the story about this one but have told it often.)

6. I make all of Sebastian’s baby food; he eats more fresh veg and fruit than I do! I don’t like very many fruits, I’m a vegetable girl.

7. I’m an activist. I organised and directed The Vagina Monologues in London in 2007 to raise awareness and money for V-Day. [Stop Violence Against Women.]

8. I am also a city girl, an island girl, and a country girl. Don’t knock it til you’ve lived it.

9. I haven’t lived in the US since the summer of 2000. But I visit every year. I wish I could visit more.

10. I have three nephews and one niece. I adore them.

11. When I was a little girl I wanted to travel the world. I’ve done it and I’m still doing it.

12. I used to play the flute but gave it up so I could take drama. I wanted to be an actress and was a theatre major for the first two years of college.

13. I have a tattoo that I designed and got just before I left Bangkok.

14. I met my husband on a small tropical island off of Malaysia.

15. One of my favourite places to be is Vietnam. I have been there 3 times.

16. When I was in elementary school, I had a pen pal in Egypt. Now I live here.

17. I climbed Mount Kinabalu (Borneo-highest peak in SEAsia). It was the hardest thing I have ever done, except give birth.

18. I love to dance. But I don’t remember the last time I went dancing.

19. I’m still breastfeeding my son.

20. I miss coffee. And wine.

21. I love trees. I’m pretty sure everyone I know, knows this.

22. I have a great memory.

23. I’ve kept a journal since third grade. Since I’ve started a blog, I write in it less, but still keep it by the bedside or in my bag.

24. I don’t use a purse any more. Thank goodness Katie gave me a very trendy diaper bag.

25. I love taking pictures. I want to be braver and take them of people I don’t know.

You may have noticed that I changed a couple…


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