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Thursday is the New Friday

In any Muslim country. Like where we are. The weekend begins at the end of the day and we have Friday and Saturday to sleep in, er, take turns sleeping in. Because Sebastian likes to get up somewhere between 6 and 7am. And we do not, like to, that is. But we must. So on the weekend we take turns having breakfast with Sebastian so the other can get an extra hour of sleep. Sometimes. Other times, we all hang out together, slowly making our way to the kitchen.

But today is Thursday. Almost the weekend. Sebastian decided to succumb to sleep. Another late afternoon nap. It’s after 3pm. I tried an hour and a half ago and his belly was giving him troubles. So he held out as long as he could. We had a wonderful morning with our friends we met at a music class when our boys were only five months old. Now they are nine months old and it was the first time we all got together since before the holidays. It was so nice to just hang out. This is what I miss when I long to be surrounded by the friends and family that do not live in Egypt. Which is a lot of good folks.

Thursday is the only day we don’t have any ‘appointments.’ It used to be Tuesday and Thursday, but we just added one to our repertoire every other week. We’ve been super busy since returning from our trips to the states way back in Nov/Dec.

Baby Swim: Sebastian and I are taking a Baby Swim class Monday evenings and it is AWESOME. I love love love it. I had wanted to have a water birth for Sebastian and we all know that didn’t happen. I always thought it was so amazing that babies have the diving reflex which makes them hold their breath before they even understand they are doing it when dunked under water. I was so nervous this week because I would be doing the dunking. We did three submersions and Sebastian was fabulous each time. His very first time two weeks ago took him by surprise and I think he gulped in a bunch of air before going under, but when he greeted my smiling face, he was ok. He’s a bit over-sensitive to everything, but we’ve been practicing in the bath by pouring water over his head, so this week the submerge session went so much better.  The exercise in the pool is so good for him. It really builds up his muscle strength and mobility.

Baby Gym: Sebastian and I also take a Baby Gym class on Wednesday afternoons. There is only one other baby in the class and it’s so fun when she and Sebastian greet each other at the beginning of each class. They hold out their hands and touch them together and smile really big. So cute. More exercises, song and other fun baby activities.

I’m doing my best to get myself out there to meet other moms and find environments for Sebastian to be around other babies. He really thrived when we were in Michigan and he had my nephews and niece around him. It’s also important to me to introduce him to more action/noises because he is quite sensitive to loud noises and I don’t want him to be afraid of everything.

I wasn’t planning on writing about Sebastian for this entire post. But this is what I do. I’m a stay at home mom and we spend all of our time together! It is what it is.

And now I leave you with one of my favourite photos of Sebastian which was taken at the end of his 8th month.

Two Teeth


3 thoughts on “Thursday is the New Friday”

  1. What a cutie! And it is so good to get out of the house I think (even though the neighbours are always asking where I am going!). We do a couple of class/playgroup type things too and I try to get out every day – even if it just to the park or to our local cafe where there are friendly staff that like to play with Yashar. It stops us from going crazy!


  2. Well, I personally love reading about how you and Sebastian spend your time. Sounds like you have lots of good stuff going on. Willie and I took a few swim lessons and absolutely loved it as well. I sure wish Willie and Sebastian could meet up and have a play session. Hopefully one day! Glad you’re finding so many worthy activities in cairo. love you!


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