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Cutie Pie in the Park

Cutie Pie, originally uploaded by kara melissa.

Al-Azhar Park Set (this is the guest pass)

Recent photos from our Saturday in the sun at Al Azhar park, about a month ago. I love Sebastian’s face in this photo. He is just THE BEST.

Al-Azhar Park is about a twenty minute taxi ride from where we live. It is the only park in Cairo, aside from the small green spaces dotted along the Nile with benches and small trees. It costs 5 Egyptian pounds per person to enter. It’s has a gorgeous view of the Citadel at one end and runs along the Cairo skyline. There are a few different places to eat, we chose the old resturaunt up on the hill with the view of the Citadel. There is also a small lake and playground in the park as well. The first time I went with Sebastian to meet our friends there, we were surrounded by school girls who couldn’t get enough of Sebastian’s sweet face. This time we went with Ali and he still got a lot of attention. How could he not with those sweet cheeks, sparkling eyes and a smile to melt your heart?

Enjoy the photos. I was using manual settings and took black and white as well as intense color. I chose one to represent our trip on my photo blog, which I’m still just slowly getting into (have only posted two photos so far!).