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Blogging Parents

In my quest to learn more about Sebastian’s CP I have stumbled upon many blogs written by other parents of kids with special needs. Actually with the exception of one, they are all moms to kids with varying types of CP. The exception is a father that has just published a book about his daughter who can’t speak. I have bookmarked and read a lot of blogs. I have followed links on these blogs. I have learned about different types of therapy. I have searched for similarities and differences. I have found companionship and advice. I have smiled, I have laughed and I have cried. I have shaken my head with a ‘yes’ agreeing or understanding a moment or a feeling shared.

Some of the blogs I visited only once, but still bookmarked because maybe I will visit it again. Maybe there will be some information or anecdote that will help me later on. Others I visit at least once a week, with the exception of the past month or so without Sebastian’s regular naps and his dad around in the evenings! I am now taking the time to mention the blogs I visit regularly that I think you might like to check out too. I will also link them in my Blogging Moms links.

Since the type of CP Sebastian has only occurs in 20% of those with CP, I haven’t found any blogs of moms with kids with dystonic CP. But I have found two moms in Australia that have sons with a very similar type of CP, I would say they fit under the same umbrella. I have really enjoyed reading these blogs and it also encourages me to see how they are doing now at age five. NOthing and Everything and Big Brother, Little Sister

These next blogs are about boys that have different types of CP than Sebastian, but the moms talk about the challenges and triumphs that come with having a child with CP. And of course, how amazing they are. I have also gained some good insight into different therapies. Terrible Palsy, To the Max , Smallest Smykay, and Better Than Normal. And the very first blog I found was Cerebral Palsy Baby.

And the exception, Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords. If I was in America, I would buy his book. I love reading his perspective.

Some of these parents have written me emails or responded to my comments. I have learned from them, been encouraged and inspired by them.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Parents”

  1. Thanks for the link and thanks for enjoying my blog ;-).

    I shall add you to my blogroll and check in on you and and little Sebastian regularly. I also really enjoy reading other blogs about kids with our form of CP. And I am a good personal friend of Big Brother, Little Sister. They are a lovely family!

    I have just been enjoying reading through your blog. It’s great! And your pictures are fabulous. I have never been to Cairo and I feel a real sense of place looking at your pics.

    I hope you are able to access good services for Sebastian there. He is a real little cutie!

    Kind regards,


  2. I found your blog from your post on cpmoms. I have a daughter named Kelsey with dystonic quad CP who is 19 months old. You can visit her at

    Sebastian is beautiful! I love his smile.

    While skimming your blog (I will come back later), I saw your comment on Sebastian’s fisted hands. Kelsey did that as well (and still does to some extent). Joe Cool Hand splints ( helped her to keep her thumb out, making her hand more open and loose. We had the top kind in the link that just keeps the thumb out.

    Hope that helps!


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