Our Son, Photos

Springtime with Sebastian

Some of my recent favorites of Sebastian, ages 10 and 11 months. Less than two more weeks until his first birthday!

Before Ali left for Sudan we took a bunch of photos. It was a bit chilly one day, so Sebastian was sporting a yellow sweater Ali’s mum had knitted for him. I chose one of our family photo shots to share, even though there are even cuter ones of him and his dad in the Sebastian in Springtime set. You’ll need the guest pass to see them all. Also, if you have a flickr account, let me know and I can add you as a friend and you can access all our photos that way too.

More Family Fun

The morning before Ali left. Sebastian’s hair is getting so long and so grown up looking! I adore this photo.


Some fun times with mommy too. It’s a bit dark, but I couldn’t help but sharing. I love the expression on his face. He has been making more faces and communicating more with us which is so fun! The giggling is the best.

Happiness Is