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Baby Swim Class

We’ve been going to Baby Swim Class given by a teacher at an international school here. She was trained in Aqua Tots and does a wonderful job. Sebastian really loves the water. We have just started Level 2 of the course. These fun photos were taken at the last class for Level 1. A big part of the class are submersions.

Going Under

Babies have a natural reflex when fully immersed underwater, they hold their breath. It gets really hot here in the summer and the only way to stay cool is stay inside in an air conditioned place or head to the pool. I am excited about all the things we are learning to do which will make being at the pool so much more fun. It’s also great for Sebastian to use his body in the water. Many of the skills we learn help him strengthen his trunk and use his arms and legs.

Swimming to Mama


3 thoughts on “Baby Swim Class”

  1. Wow! What a phenomenal shot. Right when I saw this picture, I smiled and laughed out loud with joy (and showed Jason). You look jubilant and Sebastian is doing a great job at swimming! What a wonderful exercise for any one year old and especially for the things you’re working on with Sebastian specifically.


  2. This photo is fantastic! So cute and fun! …and reminded me that I wanted to do one of these classes with Yashar…hope I can find one


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