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Happy Father’s Day…

…from Sebastian…inspired by Anthony Browne’s book My Dad.

Happy Father's Day

Fun with Daddy

My Dad, he’s alright. He can work a long day and still come home and help me fall asleep. Sometimes I’m already asleep and he sneaks in to look at me. I know he wants to pick me up for a cuddle. But he waits til morning so I can keep sleeping.

My dad always makes me laugh. He likes to pretend there is something on my shirt and when I look down he gets my nose. It makes him laugh too.  He also makes funny noises.  I really like it when he sneezes.

My dad is really strong. I love riding on his shoulders. I can almost touch the ceiling! But instead I like to hold on tight to his hair and sometimes I even try to chew it.

My dad always makes me do ‘tummy time’. I don’t like it but I know how much he loves me because it’s really important for me to do it. And every time I get stronger so I can be strong like him when I grow up.

My dad loves music. Sometimes he sings really silly songs and I don’t know what the words mean but my mama asks him to sing something else. He is so cool, my dad. He also likes to dance with me and I laugh a lot when we dance.

My dad is a good teacher. He tells me about the world and sometimes I don’t understand what he’s talking about but I know it’s important and I’m glad he’s telling me.

My dad gives great baths. Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day and my dad always sings songs to me and we splash the water all over the bathroom. He also likes to squirt water in my face. I like that too. It reminds me of swimming under water.

My dad combs my hair after my bath. He always makes it look really cool. Sometimes he spikes it up like a punk rocker and sometimes he combs it back like a greaser. I like looking in the mirror when he combs my hair.

My dad  always reads books to me before bedtime. One of our favorites is Hop on Pop. I like the funny words and bright pictures. But mostly I love how my dad reads it to me. He makes me smile.

My dad rubs my back when my tummy hurts. It helps me burp and then my tummy feels better.

My dad plays with my toys with me. His favorite is the xylophone I got for my first birthday. We both like to hit the keys but he plays songs. Someday I hope I can play songs like he can.

I’m so glad he’s my dad. He loves me so much and you know what, I love him too. I always will.

Thanks Dad for being the best dad ever.

Love, Sebastian


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