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Sebastian and I made a picture for Ali for Father’s Day last weekend. [Sebastian grabbed onto the marker and held tight. He was more interested in getting it to his mouth that using it to scribble on the paper. So I held his hand with the marker standing and he moved it around. ] It was Father’s Day in America and since Sebastian and I will be in Michigan during the Australian Father’s Day, we decided to celebrate early. Ali was on the late shift which meant he wouldn’t be home before Sebastian went to bed, but he would be able to sleep in a little and enjoy breakfast with us, which was mighty nice.

Since Ali’s new bureau chief has arrived we haven’t seen much of him during the week and even some weekends he is called into work unplanned. Ah, the life of a journalist. During the week he gets home late most nights and Sebastian is already asleep; which can be any time between 7-9pm, depending on his afternoon nap. It doesn’t matter if Ali goes into work early or late, if there is news to be written, he’s writing it. I’m used to it now, but I still wish he could come home earlier. I know that a lot of dads work late, but sometimes it seems tougher since we are on our own here. At least in my mind.

Since he is working so much sometimes he struggles to balance everything. I do my best to help him out, but sometimes he forgets things, and I’m not always able to remind him. Sometimes even after he’s come home, he’s still working. Being a journalist is not a 9-5 job and that’s one of the reason’s he likes it so much. But he also likes to spend time with his family.

We have a trip to the beach planned in a few weeks time. Unfortunately a few days were eaten up by the need for him to cover a conference, but luckily for us it’s in Sharm so we can tag along and go from there on our mini-holiday. We wanted to have some quality time as a family before heading to Michigan. Sebastian and I will be there for two whole months. We will skip out on the extreme heat of a Cairo summer (it’s well over 100F today) and even miss Ramadan. Sebastian’s therapy center will be closed for August so we decided to take this opportunity to spend time with family and friends in Michigan AND dive into some alternative therapies. More on that to come.

As for now, I heard a rumor my husband was going to be home early today (maybe home by 6pm?), so I’d better go. Sebastian had a bit of trouble napping today and has fallen asleep late this afternoon and I need to get into the kitchen and make some food for him as well as our dinner.