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Fundraising for Sebastian

Sebastian and I will be heading back to Michigan for two months at the end of July. While we have planned the trip to spend time with family and friends, we are also using it as an opportunity for him to do some alternative therapies not available in Egypt. Alternative meaning, therapies aside from the traditional occupational and physical therapy that he currently gets. I have been researching therapies since his diagnosis. I am a member of a yahoo group called CPmoms and I also keep in touch with some other mom bloggers who have boys with a similar kind of CP as Sebastian. Through all of this I have learned a lot. The biggest thing I have learned is that many alternative therapies can and do help.

The therapies we are hoping to do this summer: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to treat the brain injury, Anat Baniel Method as an alternative to regular physical therapy, and Hippotherapy: riding a horse with aid of occupational/physical therapist to build trunk support. We had also looked into Conductive Education, but our schedules don’t match up this time around.

Unfortunately, these therapies cost a lot of money. Since we live on Ali’s modest trainee income, and I’m still paying college debt, we don’t have much additional funding for alternative therapies. Right now we pay out of pocket for his therapy in Cairo and 90% gets reimbursed only up to a certain amount.

Just to give you and idea, the HBOT therapy is $140 per session, initial requirement is 40 dives (that’s what they are called), which brings us to $5600. The Anat Baniel Method could be similar per session but Sebastian could do one a week, I am still connecting with practitioners in the area to find the cost and availability. I don’t know if Sebastian is old enough for Hippotherapy, but those sessions are around $70 per session. We need to do physical therapy in conjunction with the HBOT, so I am researching ones in the area which our insurance will cover. [This doesn’t include our flights for $1000 to MI, thankfully already paid for.]

In order to make sure Sebastian has access to the best therapy available, I am planning a fundraiser to help raise funds to pay for Sebastian’s therapy while we are in Michigan.

Details on fundraiser to follow.

This post has been cross posted with a new blog I have started: Sebastian Can Do. This blog will highlight the types of therapies we are planning to do as well as follow the treatment over the course of the two months we are in MI. It is being set up for the fundraiser so all information about the fundraiser will be posted here. There will be a Paypal Donation button on both blogs.