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Photography Raffle

I am organizing a Photography raffle to raise money for Sebastian’s therapies.

Each ticket costs $10 (and a special deal with two at $15). Photographer friends of mine will be donating a few of their photos for the raffle.  These prints will be framed and shipped to the winners all over the world. I will approach local businesses in MI for deals on printing and framing in exchange for advertising, etc. There will be ten prizes and the winners will choose from 15 prints.  I will hold the raffle for one month.  Winners will be announced online on July 31st. Each winner will be contacted via email.

I have set up a PayPal account for the raffle tickets/donations with a button located in the side bar on both of my blogs.  Soon I will post  an address in the States (my mom’s in Michigan) for checks or money orders if others wish to do it that way. Once you make a donation, I will email you your raffle ticket number. I will also be keeping track of the numbers so if yours gets lost in the many emails that fill your inbox, rest assured I will have your number on file!

Sebastian Can Do will include detailed information on the therapies we plan to have for Sebastian as well as photos and stories of him and his development throughout the two months he is receiving these therapies so you can see how your donations impact Sebastian. I will also post information about each photographer and the prints they are donating for the fundraiser. My goal is to introduce one photographer a day; however, that is dependent on the speed of receiving their donations. I will post pictures of the prizes and places you can see more of their work! I’m also hoping for a couple of artists to donate their prints.

Please check back regularly as I will add photos periodically which could end up hanging nicely on your wall at home. I will also let you know when all of the prizes have been posted.


2 thoughts on “Photography Raffle”

  1. What a fantastic idea!! I love people who are self starting with fundraising! And your plans for Michigan sound great. Did I mention Europeds to you? They are IN Michigan I think? Google them. It’s something else you might like to look at (although it might be more for later on once Sebastian is a bit older).

    Your raffle is enough for me to reactivate my PayPal account. I will get onto it this week ;-).


  2. Kara what a wonderful idea….I can not imagine how trying it must be for you and your family, it really makes me appreciate how lucky I am. My thoughts, heart and support go out to all of you and although I am not able to donate all that I would like too, I hope that my contribution helps. You are obviously a wonderful mother and I genuinely hope that you are able to raise all of the funding that you need to help Sebatian. What a beautiful little boy, he looks very happy and you can tell that he knows how lucky he is to have a mom who is so loving, and devoted to him…..


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