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Wow. I feel blessed. Since we have started the fundraiser one week ago, we have raised over $900. We have had friends donate their time and photographs for our son. We have had friends donate financially. Some of the donations have been hundreds of dollars. That’s a lot of raffle tickets!

These generous donations are from people who probably don’t know a thing about HBOT or ABM. They may have heard of hippotherapy or at least theraputic riding. These donations are from friends that don’t even need to know about these therapies because they know us. They love our family and want the best for our son, just as we do. If you are a parent of a child with CP you will know a lot about these therapies and the dozen or so other alternative therapies out there (there are a lot). Because as a parent of a child with CP you do as much as you can to find out ways to help your child. As a parent in general you would know that you want the best for your child, whether he has special needs or not.

We are also not the first to come up with creative ways to help raise money for our child’s CP. One mom over at Better Than Normal makes party hats, crowns and now super hero capes to raise money for her son’s alternative therapies. I would love to create things too, but being in Egypt makes that difficult since I can’t guarantee items will make it through customs! (My mom only received one of her two scarves which I sent her.)

Being in Egypt we are very lucky that we have services for Sebastian. Very lucky considering there are only FOUR occupational therapists in the ENTIRE country. And just as we are thankful we have access to physical and occupational therapy, we feel that is not enough. We feel that there is more that we can do because of the research I have undertaken since coming to terms with Sebastian’s CP.

We are lucky that we have insurance that helps cover the costs of some of these traditional therapies. For some of the therapy Sebastian has received here, we have had to pay out of pocket and risk not being reimbursed. But that’s ok. Because this is what we do; we take care of our son.  Our insurance does not cover the cost of any adaptive equipment. So when/if the time comes for Sebastian to need a gait trainer or a walker or even a special tricycle, we will have to find a way to pay for these things too. Our hope is that the therapies we choose will help him do things. But as every child with CP is different, so is the outcome of every patient in each therapy.

Cerebral Palsy is the most expensive disability to treat over a life time. If I can organize a fundraiser to help Sebastian get therapies NOW that can possibly  help him sit up on his own, play with toys independently, self-feed, talk, crawl and even begin to take aided steps, then bring it on. I will tell everyone I know and everyone I don’t know to buy a raffle ticket. Going without a drink at the pub or a desert at a cafe can purchase one ticket (ok, going without two drinks or two deserts). And everyone doesn’t even need to feel pressured to contribute financially. Just spreading the news helps too. I have a friend I haven’t seen in over twelve years who has volunteered to work with her church community to help support us.

Thank you to each of you who have already donated your time, support, photos, and purchasing of raffle tickets. We appreciate it more than you can know.

I’ll leave you with this photo taken on his first birthday, nearly two months ago. The outfit is from my Uncle Brian, Aunt Kathy and their kids.

Michigan Basketball Fan


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  1. Kara, good on you for starting the fundraiser ball rolling! I think it has to be done for alternative therapies anywhere in the world. We get most equipment funded here but long waits. I have done a few fundraisers mostly movie nights which worked really well. If anyone wants some Amatuer Vietnam shots more than happy to donate! lol


  2. My sister has recently had her youngest daughter diagnosed with CP and desperately needs to speak to another parent who is in a similar situation. She is in Cairo and is currently trying to figure out the best way to help her daughter, who turned 1 in July. I would be forever grateful if you could contact her… I have provided her email address instead of mine.


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