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Updates: Fundraiser, therapies, Michigan, and Sebastian

We’ve been a bit under the radar lately. Since organising the fundraiser, I have spent most, if not all, of my down time updating the site, sending raffle tickets and getting the photo prizes organised. It’s been a great project for me to work on.  Having some experience with fundraising in the past (primates in SEASIA and Free Tibet Campaign and V-Day in London) it seems like I kind of have a knack for it. I suppose the previous experience prepared me for this one, as all things in life usually prepare you for something!

Anywho. Sebastian and I are now in Michigan at my mom’s and there is less than one week left for you to get your raffle tickets. We have raised a little over $3500!!! We need $5000 for the 40 HBOT sessions and obviously additional funds for the ABM and hippotherapy. But I am so happy with all the support we have received and money is still coming in. You guys are amazing! I have no doubt we will have enough money for the HBOT sessions. We also have some money saved from reimbursements from insurance for therapy to help fund the additional needed for the ABM and hippotherapy.

Therapy stuff: I have contacted the Early On program here in Michigan, which provides  free therapy to children ages 0-3. Unfortuntately we have to get assessed and then get through the paperwork, but I am hoping to have their services for at least part of the time we are here. Otherwise I will need to find  private physical/occupational therapists. It is important to do the therapy with HBOT. We have been scheduled in for ABM sessions, although just one a week. I am still looking for hippotherapy in the area to find out if they will take someone as young as Sebastian.

There are so many types of alternative therapies available, and a lot of them available in Michigan, it can get overwhelming. Even though we have chosen three for this trip, there is sill organising of our schedules to do and I want to contact and check out a couple other things for the future, like Euro-Peds, suit therapy, and conductive education. I’ve researched these as well and now have the opportunity to visit facilities and see how they work and what kids are doing. I’ve been under the impression that they would be for older kids, but I will find out while we are here.

Sebastian has pneumonia right now, so we are limited in our activities and can’t leave the house since it’s been windy and rainy since we arrived. Unfortunately, we didn’t know he was so sick and we were out in the weather for two days before we found out he had pneumonia. He’s on antibiotics and taking two naps each day and feeling a bit more tired than usual. But he is getting better. Needless to say,  we haven’t even been able to do the regular exercises we do at home. But, he has been getting lots of love from his Grandma and yesterday had his first visit with his cousin Ethan. More cousins are coming over later today. It feels good to be around family again.


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  1. As a pediatric PT I am really impressed by your comprehensive approach to your son’s treatment!! Alternative therapies do work and I also recommend getting consultations from different PT’s and OT’s as individual treatment styles and success rates vary greatly between therapists.

    We offer a free consultation on our website, http://www.professionaltheraies.com if you would like to chat about some of the things that you have tried and to get another perspective about treatment for your son. I wish you love, laughter and success in your quest.

    Michael J. Workman PT


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