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ABM Update and Video

So far we have done two sessions with Claire, our Anat Baniel/Feldenkrais practioner. She is fabulous. Sebastian loves her. I believe I mentioned this before, but it makes me so happy it’s worth mentioning again. We drive to Okemos which is about a forty minute drive from where my mom lives. The sessions are for an hour.

Her room is very calm and relaxed. She has some toys to use as needed for entertainment. Or else I sing for Sebastian. The goal is to keep him happy so that he is processing the information going to his brain. The belief is that if he is unhappy he will shut down and not take in as much as he is capable of doing. Also when he gets upset, his muscles tense up, so being relaxed and happy is key.

Claire is wonderful with Sebastian. She talks to him, makes faces and noises, all the things that make him smile and even laugh. It’s really amazing. As she is working with him I am right there on the mat. He starts out looking at her and then looks at me as if to say, ‘Look what I am doing Mama!’ I love it. She moves him around, massages him, helps him make connections with his body parts so he can learn what they are for and how to use them. Some of the exercises she does are similar to what he has in his physical therapy sessions in Cairo, and some are different. When he is tired of working with her, I can also hold him and she can continue to stretch and massage him.

You can see his brain ticking while we are in the sessions. I look into his eyes and I see that he is learning and trying and enjoying what he can do and begin to think about doing.

We have two sessions this week and one the week after. Claire has a full schedule but she is trying to see us as much as she can because she can see how well Sebastian is responding to it. The video above shows him scooting back while lying on his back.


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  1. Congratulations Sebastian and Kara! What a huge accomplishment and to do it with such obvious joy is even better…what a beautiful boy you have.


  2. What a small world. My son had his first ABM session today with Rene, an ABM practitioner in Grand Rapids, MI. Just today she mentioned Claire from Lansing and now I see your son is working with her. Awesome!


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