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Sebastian Gets Glasses

Mama reading with Sebastian

One of the places we’ve had to visit was the ophthalmologist on recommendation of the neurologist we saw here. Sebastian’s eyes turn in when he is trying to focus on something close up and once he focuses he straightens them. It doesn’t happen all the time and not with both eyes at the same time. This is called strabismus. The glasses are to strengthen his eye muscles. The great thing is that it has nothing to do with his CP, so it’s fixable. The glasses will strengthen the eye muscles and hopefully he won’t have to wear them anymore. His eyesight is ok, he just needs to get those muscles stronger.

Apparently with babies, sometimes the muscles get strong on their own. Originally the doctor wanted to observe Sebastian for three months, but since we live in Cairo, he decided to put him in glasses right away and then see us in a few weeks time. Sebastian is able to right he eyes when they move in to focus, but the glasses will help him so they don’t move in as the muscle gets stronger. I’m not worried about it because I feel confident that they will get stronger and he won’t need the glasses for long.

But he got his glasses today. And of course he looks as cute as ever. He seems to like them. He isn’t trying to take them off and he actually smiled when we put them on.

My mom took this photo during story time just before bed and I love it. I love his closed mouth smile, with his top teeth showing. I think this is the first picture we have of him with a closed smile. He is doing so awesome. We are seeing little improvements and growth in him every day. More on that to come! But for now some much needed sleeeeeep!


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  1. Oh he’s so cute! It’s great that he’s happy to wear the glasses – a definite sign that he knows they help him. Couldn’t help but notice the book you’re reading together too. Love that book ;-).


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