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Ridin’ and Chewin’ in Toddlerville

We spend a lot of time in the car in Michigan. My mom lives in the country and there is no public transportation. We drive back and forth to HBOT and ABM. We visit family. We do some shopping. All of these things would have been impossible back in November when we were visiting for a few weeks. Every time we got into the car, Sebastian cried. He could not tolerate being in the car or the car seat. He would do the silent cry which involved holding his breath for a few seconds, lips turning purple. We did not make it out much during that time. Most of the time it was because it was just too much to put Sebastian in the car for an outing and there was also a lot of snow.

This trip is different. Very different. Sebastian is in a toddler, forward facing car seat. He has no problem being in the car. He only fusses if he is hungry and after HBOT we always have a snack bar. He even falls asleep sometimes! We listen to his music and look back from the front seat often, singing songs and he even plays with toys. Well, he is working on playing with the toys, he is now pulling them to his mouth easily, which is awesome.

Sebastian has had a bottom tooth coming in slowly and painfully the past two weeks. So there has been a lot of drool and chewing on everything. A couple days ago I looked back from the front passenger seat to see him chewing on the plastic harness clip on his car seat. When he noticed I was looking at him he stopped, looked up at me and smiled. When I looked away, he started chewing again. I told my mom what he was doing and she began watching him from the rear view mirror, as she was driving. I looked back again and he stopped to look up and flashed this mischievous grin. When I looked away he started chewing again. This time I looked from the corner of my eyes and saw him chewing and looking at me from the corner of his eyes, waiting for me to look back so that he would stop chewing. As though he was getting away with something he thought he wasn’t supposed to do. We did this a few times, him stopping and smiling and going back to chewing, while my mom and I were laughing. It was awesome.

Yo Mama

It was in this moment I saw a toddler looking back at me, my little boy no longer a little baby. I love him so much and am so excited about all the amazing things he is doing.


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  1. That’s such a gorgeous pic and he really does look very grown up!! How cute about the chewing ‘game’. Love watching all emerging awareness of game playing ;-).


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