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Seb Can Do Update

This past week we received a donation which brought us up above $5000. Thanks to all of you we have now raised the full amount needed for the 40 HBOT dives. Money raised above the $5000 goes towards the ABM therapy, we are scheduled for 10 sessions so need a total of $800 for this. We have some money saved for this, but are still a bit short. We are so blessed and thankful to all of you who have helped support us and make these therapies possible for Sebastian.

Sebastian has been doing so well. We are seeing changes in him from these therapies. His hands are open all the time now, he rarely puts them into fists, except when leaning on them in a sitting position. His hands are relaxed and he is reaching for toys and bringing them to his mouth easily. He is sitting/standing in a baby walker and pushing himself back and enjoying that movement. His is scooting on his back when his feet are placed flat and his knees up. He is rolling to the side to reach for toys. His body is more relaxed, his back is straighter. He is reaching for my mom when he gets out of HBOT. When he reaches for me and I take him in my arms his face lights up into the most beautiful smile.

He is doing things much easier which took him many tries to do before. Last week while he was eating, he reached for his cup of water and grabbed onto the handle and pulled it to his mouth. He missed a bit and the water when over his shoulder, but he initiated the action! We have been doing a lot of tongue work with him and he is mimicing us when we stick our tongue out, close our lips together, basically working on mouth movement to get ready for talking. He is making more sounds and laughing out loud all the time. He is also smiling with his mouth closed sometimes, which is new. Life is beautiful!


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  1. Kara,
    I haven’t had much time to comment, but just wanted to let you know that I have been following along and am so impressed and excited with all the progress Seb is making.


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