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One Seasoned Traveler

I was thankful beyond words for the flights returning to Cairo. They were so much better than the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. [Although we were blessed with a helper on the flight from Cairo to Amsterdam and also managed to both get some sleep as we had a whole row to ourselves.] A few different women helped Sebastian and I get through security, and a nice man at the flight check in made sure we had help getting on the plane. It was nighttime, so once we got ready for take off, Sebastian nursed to sleep and slept for the next eight hours. I love my nursing cover. It kept out the light and created a little warm cocoon for Sebastian once he fell asleep. I kept my eyes closed and probably dozed in and out, but sleep never really came to me.

We had nine hours in Amsterdam and checked into the Yotel. I want do to this whenever we have a long layover because it was so refreshing. Every airport should have one. We were able to sleep in a comfortable bed and Sebastian watched The Wiggles while I showered. Feeding him was easier too since I could easily clean him up afterward. [The only mishap was sitting on my glasses, due to the small, compact nature of the room. Snap. Right in half. I am still searching for a pair here that doesn’t have rinestones or brand names written down the side.]

While waiting to board the plane in Amsterdam to Cairo, we found ourselves sitting next to a published children’s author, and having a hopeful conversation about HBOT and a place in Cairo which does HBOT. I am looking into that further to see if it is a possibility for us as we believe Sebastian would only benefit from more HBOT sessions and here in Cairo it is much more affordable.

We had someone to help us fold down the stroller and board the plane as well as store our luggage. I love KLM. Their flight attendants are so much nicer, more helpful and accodomating than NW. Throughout the flight every flight attendant checked on us to make sure everything was ok for Sebastian. He slept half of the flight and was pretty fussy for the last hour and a half, but we had been travelling for nearly two days.

Getting off the plane was a bit annoying since we had to go down stais and although I did have Sebastian in the baby carrier, I also had a diaper bag, a rolling carry on and a misc. bag of things. I asked for help down the stairs and one of the not so nice attendants made a comment about bringing too much stuff on the plane. Funny, because the family in front of me had an additional large back pack on as well as the same items I had; they were traveling with an infant. The main difference being that they didn’t need to ask for help because the dad was carrying everything which freed up the mama to carry the babe.

Whether you have a special needs baby or not, travelling alone with a baby is challenging and I am thankful to all of the nice people that offer to help because I couldn’t do it without them. And Sebastian. He’s one seasoned traveler.