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Photo Raffle Wrap Up

Sebastian and I have been back in Cairo for almost three weeks now. We started physical therapy last week and are waiting for our occupational therapist to get back to town (visa issues). We also started weekly sessions with a woman who does ABM downtown, which is very exciting! Ali has been able to go with us for the past two sessions. It costs a little less than in Michigan, at $65 a session. We’ve decided to only go to PT once a week since we are able to do ABM and will still have OT and soon Speech and Language. We are slowly getting back into the routine and it feels good after such a rigorous routine while in Michigan. Ali has been able to take some time off so it’s been great for Sebastian to spend some quality time with his daddy (me too!).

During our last month in Michigan we had several doctors’ appointments as well as the HBOT daily, ABM twice a week, and Early On services once a week. We did not anticipate all of the doctors visits so were really pushed to the limit with time and energy. This is why the Sebastian Can Do blog has not been updated as regularly as I had planned. I will be posting past events, stories, photos and videos of the therapy and development from that last month over the next couple of weeks. Some posts will be cross posted here.

We received donations until our departure from Michigan. We raised about $5500 which covered the full cost of HBOT and half the cost of the ABM. We did have some fees for Pay Pal as well as preparing and mailing the prizes which came to somewhere between $400-$500. Subtracting the fees paid, we were able to raise the full amount for HBOT, which was indeed the main goal of the fundraiser. You helped make it happen! Thank you!

Please come visit Sebastian Can Do over the next few weeks to check out photos and videos from the therapy in Michigan. I also have another fundraising project in the works, so stay tuned for that too!