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Sebastian’s Michigan Summer: Location

Photo essay ONE

We spent two months in Michigan at my mom’s. It’s gorgeous, peaceful and the air is clean. Thanks Mom and Jerry for taking such good care of us!

My Mom's Place

This is the view from the field out back, the house is hiding behind the barn. The naked* tree to the right was cut down but the township. I’m so glad I got a picture of it.

My Mom's Place

Here is the view of the field from the house; one of the places Sebastian and I took walks. I love the shadows created by the large white clouds above.

My Mom's Place

Here is a tree that that marked the end of each walk. We walked toward it and sat in the quiet of its shade.

My Mom's Place

Close up. I couldn’t help sharing this one too.

My Mom's Place

I didn’t use auto settings for these photos, but focused on the aperture with the manual setting. My husband would be so proud!

*My mom lives off of a dirt road. Sebastian and I often took the stroller out and walked along the edge of the road. Sometimes cars would pass, but most times it was quiet. There were several dead trees along the way with vines crawling up their trunks. They looked bony white against the crisp blue sky. On one walk my nephew, Logan, called them naked trees. I like that. Each time I would stare up at their branches, arms reaching toward the sky, rooted in the earth below. I took mental pictures and said I’d remember my camera next time. There was a fierce thunderstorm which knocked two of those trees down, split by lightening or wind. And each time, I lhad eft the camera behind. But the memory is still crisp in my mind.

For more photos from this set Free As Trees on flickr. (As always photos of family are protected. Leave a comment if you’d like the link. It’s also posted on my facebook profile if you’d like to check it there.)