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ABM Videos: Featuring Sebastian*

While we were in Michigan we were able to see Claire seven times for ABM sessions with Sebastian. She was fantastic and we miss her!

Below are some short videos my mom took while we were in Michigan at Sebastian’s ABM sessions. Just little snipits so you can see some of the exercises as well as Sebastian’s reactions. You will see that he is pretty happy and enjoys what he is learning how to do.

Thankfully, we have found a woman who does ABM here in Cairo and have had one session a week for the last three weeks. Ali has been able to go with us which is really exciting since he can see both Sebastian and the therapist in action. He is a big fan of this type of therapy. Although our insurance doesn’t cover ABM we are going to go once a week because we can really see how well Sebastian responds to it. You can see the ‘wheels turning’ as Sebastian listens to the therapist, looking at her intently as she explains what she is doing to his arms, legs, etc.

*This post has been cross posted with Sebastian Can Do. Please note that I am working to update his fundraising blog with photos and videos from our trip to Mi and I will not cross post all posts.


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  1. While we don’t know each other, I think we are meant to get in touch. I was given your blog address from a friend that is friend’s with your friend. silly huh? I have an almost exact story- my daughter is about 5 months younger, but traumatic birth-emergency C, NICU for 17 days, seizures first 36 hours, dystonic cp diagnosis and strabismus, and us working our tails off with therapies, including ABM and HBOT- we’re on #67 dive. I am fortunate to have the time and resources to dedicate to my daughter and have been traveling the U.S. finding the best people. I’m trying to get more info on the work they are doing with robotics out of MIT. We work with a great neurologist in Florida- he calls himself a renegade neurologist because of his nutritional link with medicine. Anyway- in case you’d like to connect, I would love to become a moral support/motivator for you and your son. I feel there is so much hope for our kids….the future is very bright. Best of luck to you.

    Sarah O’Donnell, mom to Neena 15 months old
    Grand Haven, MI


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