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Notable CP Links

Photojournalist Dan Habib creates a documentary over a period of four years about his son, diagnosed with CP, and their effort to include him in all aspects of their lives. Check his film out: Including Samuel, ‘Using the power of documentary film for inclusive education, social change, disability rights, worldwide outreach, public awareness, curriculum and training.’ Watch the  extended trailer of the film on the home page. It’s awesome.

Some of you have most likely heard of Team Hoyt. These guys are amazing and every time I watch one of their videos, I cry. It’s a father son team who compete in marathons, iron mans competitions, triathlons, etc. The father acts as his son’s arms and legs because his son has CP. This is the latest inspirational video about them that I watched last week.

Other moms of CP kids know how important the possibility of rewiring the brain is for our kiddos to achieve motor tasks which come easily to others. My husband shared this story with me about adults learning new tricks, like juggling, which improves the wiring of their brains. Both grey and white matter areas of the brain are mentioned, and I know about those areas because of Sebastian’s MRI’s. So I wanted to share this Reuters article: Learning new tricks improves wiring in the brain

Not really realted specifically to CP, but needed for us to get Sebastian around Cairo without a stroller/him walking: I’ve found a couple of baby carriers can that be used for children up to age 4/ up to 45 lbs. Luckily we have a friend visiting from the US that can bring one over for us. Boba Baby Carriers and Beco Baby Carriers. We are going with the first one because it has special foot rests that help aline the spine which sounds good for Sebastian. It will also help his legs and feet from extending. The price is a bit better for us too. The second carrier is trendier with cool prints as well as a head rest for sleeping baby, but I am pretty sure I can make one of these. I found both advertised in my online subscription ($4.95 per year!) of Mothering Magazine.

We have a wrap around sling we thought we’d use into the toddler years, but Sebastian never liked it unless he was already sleeping because it was so restrictive and uncomfortable for him. So we got the active baby bjorn and that holds up to 26lbs, and although Sebastian still fits in it, he’s getting a little long. The great thing about these other carriers is that they can be used for front or back, which I think is great for travelling, hiking, and walking on roads that are not conducive to strollers or other adaptive equipment.

And in case you are wondering, this week is going much better for me. Thanks so much.


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