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Fun at the Club

There aren’t many green, play spaces here in Cairo. Which is unfortuntate, especially as winter is approaching and it’s cool enough to spend time outside after a long, hot summer. But we recently joined a club – paid for by the company – which allows us access to some very nice play spaces for both Ali (basketball) and Sebastian (swings!). I like the swings too, although we did get told off because the swings are for the kiddos, but I convinced them it was ok for me and Sebastian.

Below are some pictures Ali took with his blackberry while we were out yesterday afternoon. Fun times. Sebastian was besotted with a little girl over on the swings, which is why he’s not looking at the camera in most of the photos!

Swinging with MamaOn the tire swingHolding OnHi Daddy!On the Seahorse


3 thoughts on “Fun at the Club”

  1. I used to miss the lack of green spaces when were in Indonesia too. Glad you’ve found somewhere you can hang out. Lovely pics!


  2. You both look like you’re having so much fun Kara! He is so adorable! Glad you’re getting to enjoy being outside finally. Think of you often and miss you.


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