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Thanks Dianne for pointing this out. ‘If she can do this, I can’ an article in the Guardian written by a mum whose daughter has CP and spent the first weeks of her life in SCBU (special care baby unit). She also keeps a blog, Mama Lewis. She’s originally from the suburbs of Detroit and is now living in London.

I then went to her blog to check it out and found a very encouraging comment in response to her article. It was written by a woman named Alima.

“I read your article in the Guardian today, and had to come and read the whole blog. I am an American living in the UK, and perhaps most relevantly, I am a grown woman with CP. Reading through your posts, I just wanted to say something I think my parents would say as well – you can never tell what your baby will do in the future. I have some extent of brain damage – how extensive I couldn’t really tell you, as I don’t think they MRIed me in childhood, and I only got told myself during an MRI for other reasons. But I too fisted my hands…almost continuously in childhood, especially the right, and still do for comfort, though I can open them if I think about it hard enough. I too had (and still have) twitches and spasms of the face and other body parts. I didn’t sit up, crawl, or reach at all ‘on target’. My legs and arms still don’t always go where I want them, and I have to think about every motion. But, I also walk mostly independently, have just finished a PhD, and have long proven wrong doctors and physios who said I would never walk or talk.

I don’t know what the future holds for May, but in my experience the dedication of parents who are willing to keep challenging their kids (even when the kids would rather not be pushed) and who are not shy about demanding the most from doctors, schools, and other professionals, counts for a lot. Keep challenging her and yourselves, and she will respond to the best of her ability.”

I wish I could write to her and thank her for encouraging this proud mama of one awesome little boy who is and will continue to achieve leaps and bounds.


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  1. I am glad I was able to share! I love the way blogs can bring out such great inspirational people. I was moved by that particular comment too!!!


  2. Wow, this is a full circle experience that is so promising it gives me chills. You and Ali are those amazing parents and Sebastian that amazing boy she’s referring to, so the future holds a lot for your family. I am so proud of you guys; you do an amazing job at pushing and individually searching out the best for your boy.


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