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Seb Can Do 2010 Calendar

It’s that time of year again! Time to get your 2010 calendar! When shopping for yourself or a friend, please consider adding our Seb Can Do 2010 calendar to your holiday list. Inside you will find photos from the photo raffle showcased. We’ve even added some new photos by the photographers and a new photographer. So while some of the scenes from around the world will be familiar, some will be new too.

What people are saying about the Seb Can Do 2010 Calendar:

“Wow, it looks like a Lonely Planet travel calendar… I can’t wait to get my own!”

“It’s really beautiful. I love the layout and the design.”

“Once you are ready to take orders, I want 3!”

You will be happy to know you can pre-order your calendar now. Calendars will be available for shipping and arrive at your home before Christmas.

Calendars are printed on card stock with a center fold for easy hanging on your wall or your refrigerator. Exact size measurements: 30x24cm folded, 30x48cm opened out.

Price: $20 each plus shipping and handling (flat rate of $4.95)

Currently finalizing purchasing options (PayPal, Google Checkout, Check or money orders). You can go to Sebastian Can Do to purchase via Paypal now. Stay tuned for other options to be posted by Sunday evening.

Below you will find a sneak peak at what is inside the 2010 Seb Can Do Calendar. For the full calendar, please order today!

DECEMBER Himalayas, Nepal by Darryl Anderson

AUGUST Butterfly Orange, Washington DC by Sara Richmond

JANUARY Cairo, Egypt by Matthew Cassel