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Dubai Marina

While ali had some work to do in Dubai a week and a half ago, we were able to tag along. We stayed in the Dusit Residence in the Dubai Marina. The Dusit was a furnished residence, larger than our own apartment in Cairo. We couldn’t even hear each other from one room to the other! The fine dining table was set and we were worried we might break something! I sat on the couch and looking around couldn’t believe we were there.

The job perks are nice. But for me, it’s those moments I battle between thinking the long hours while ali works and I’m putting Sebastian to bed without a kiss from his daddy are worth it for a dip into a lifestyle like this, and thinking I’m glad we have our humble abode and I wish Sebastian’s daddy could come home to give him his bath every night of the week.

That said, we enjoyed our stint in Dubai and the view from the 32nd floor was stunning. I never knew being so high up made the world outside so quiet. Even surrounded by new buildings being worked on, we couldn’t hear the jack hammer or experience the dust. It was like we were a world away. Separated from reality. But I think that Dubai is a little bit like that…

Views from the master bedroom.

Dusit Residence Dubai

Dusit Residence Dubai

Dusit Residence Dubai

More photos here. Leave a comment for the guest pass to see the photos with Sebastian and I have posted it on facebook as always. I will be posting more photos and snipits of our trip. I wanted to post while we were there but didn’t have access to flickr as it is a blocked site in the UAE.


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  1. Oh wow! that looks amazing. From KL now they have cheap flights to Dubai , looks very interesting. AS nice as it would be to access experiences like this I am too so grateful that Andrew is home everynight to make dinner and be a Dad. I hope Ali’s work settles down at some stage and he can give Seb all those kisses before bed. xo Bron


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