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Heading to Oz and Selling Calendars

We are Melbourne bound one week from today. ‘How can you afford to go to Australia?’ I can hear you say it or see the look on your face while you think about it. Maybe I am just paranoid, but I spend my free time creating fund raisers to raise money for Sebastian’s therapy and equipment because we can’t afford it on our own and we are going to Australia?! It’s true, and we can’t afford that either.

We live in Egypt. I know. It’s so exciting, isn’t it? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes I have to create lists in my mind of the things I like about living here to keep sane. Other times I just give in and dislike it. I miss my family. I want Sebastian to have everything he needs to help him achieve everything he can. Blah, blah, blah. I am not going to complain. This is life. This is where we live right NOW.

My family is in Michigan. Ali’s family is in Australia. He also has extended family in the UK. He was hired in the UK to work in Egypt. So every year he and his immediate family (that’s me and Sebastian) get a paid trip back to his ‘home’ location. Technically, that’s London. We were planning to go to London this year because although Ali hasn’t been back to Australia in a couple years, we couldn’t afford the trip. I mentioned this to a very good friend of mine. Her husband works for an airline. He was able to find us a flight that we could almost afford. Ali’s company put the cost of our flights to London against the cost of the trip to Oz and we got a deal! The three of us are flying to Australia for the cost of what it took Sebastian and I to go to Michigan this summer. Nice.

Now we get to introduce Sebastian to his Pop (ali’s Dad), and maybe even a kangaroo or two. We also get to meet some really great families that I have found to be a huge source of support and encouragement for me in the blogosphere, and I am so excited. Sebastian will also get to see a developmental pediatrician, something he didn’t get to do in Mi. He will also get to trial a gait trainer (for the whole month!) to help us learn what is best for him so we can then use the money from the fund raiser to buy one. He will also be able to try the seat2go and we should be able to purchase it while in Australia.  AND, suit therapy is located in Sydney. So if we can afford a short trip there then we can also see about getting Sebastian a special suit that will help him use his body more efficiently and intentionally. Sebastian will get loved on by lots of really great folks. And so will we.

Wow. Sebastian is going to have an awesome time in Australia. And so are we.

We will be gone from Dec. 14-Jan 13. I hope to post periodically while we are there. I have a good friend coming to town tomorrow so we get to do some fun things this week mixed in with Sebastian’s therapy, so not sure how much I will post before we head out. But I do have a lot to say, so I may be back once or twice more tonight!

As for that fund raiser…thank you to those who have purchased a calendar already. Thank you to those who plan to purchase one in Australia. Thank you for spreading the word even if you aren’t in the market for a calendar yourself. For the rest of you, get your order in this week to get it in time for Christmas. I’ve also sent a bunch to my mom in Michigan, so she can get one to you easily if you are there without the shipping cost. Just get in touch with me about that…leave a comment, send an email, etc. We sold about twenty at the Maadi Women’s Guild Christmas Bazaar this weekend. The best part was getting to talk to folks and raise some awareness. And selling the calendars was pretty great too. We still have over 300 to sell! Yikes! Spread the word!!!


4 thoughts on “Heading to Oz and Selling Calendars”

  1. Hi, I’m in Oz and would love to know how I can get my hands on a calender! Also welcome to our beautiful country and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. “AND, suit therapy is located in Sydney. So if we can afford a short trip there then we can also see about getting Sebastian a special suit that will help him use his body more efficiently and intentionally.”

    hello? forgot to mention: “and while we are there we can visit dewi who (with the roly-man) flew to cairo to meet sebastian only to have missed him and his mum by a few weeks!”.

    can’t wait to catch up. woo!


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